All-Year Sun Sails (All-Year Sails)

Sun sail systems for year-round use in all types of wind and weather conditions. Textile membrane construction, also known as textile architecture. Permanent use in the form of architectural highlights for shading or as rain and snow protection. Attached to or on top of buildings, or free-standing as a solitaire. In gardens, as a shelter, as a carport or otherwise as a roof canopy. Private, commercial, in day-care centres or for gastronomy businesses.

All-year sails are the only weather protection and sun sails that can also be used during storms, snow and ice. These high-quality membrane roofs are developed individually in consultation with the customer, taking into consideration the local wind and snow loads, and are in use 365 days a year. Static analysis is applied to calculate the anchor points, the columns and the sail edges, which allows them to also withstand high snow and wind loads.

The sail