Seasonal Sun Sails (Season Sails)

From the beginning of spring until late autumn, the seasonal sun sails provide robust sun and weather protection.
The special workmanship of the fabric with concave side edges and the corners reinforced with clamping plates can withstand winds of up to force 8. The sail can be anchored to the wall using free-standing columns with foundations or special column solutions. To ensure that the loads are evenly distributed across the surface, a circumferential steel cable is incorporated, each corner is reinforced in several layers and is equipped with aluminium clamping plates, ovals, round plates or special eyelets for sails. As soon as the sail is fastened to the anchor points with tensioning belts, turnbuckles or special tensioning elements (up to 500 kg per tensioning point), the inner bow fittings tension the sail fabric evenly and without creases.

No matter whether terrace, garden, freestanding as a gazebo lounge, carport, playground, above the entrance or between already existing structures - almost any shape can be designed with an awning. What's more, it is a modern aesthetic accent that offers you a new form of protection.

The sail