Slanted Systems

Slanted Venetian Blind:
With the help of a patented telescopic rail, windows and glass surfaces can be shaded with an angle of up to 45 degrees! Variable slat adjustments allow an almost unlimited control of the light intensity.

The slats are optionally available in a width of either 50 or 80 mm in approx. 20 different colours. These adjustable aluminium slats have a light and unobtrusive appearance - so they are also ideal for conservatories and glass extensions.
The adjustment options are variable from closed, half open to fully open.
Our slanted venetian blindscan be combined with straight venetian blinds. Design the facade of your home without compromises.

The large selection of colours allows you to create individual colour combinations between blinds, panels and telescopic rails.

Slanted Roller Shutters:
Slanted windows and glazing up to the roof are the trend at the moment. However, the usually large and expensive glass surfaces on the south or south-west side of the house are usually not or only insufficiently shaded. We are here to help!

Another advantage:
The roller shutters can easily be assembled into beautiful combinations.

Our system generally has aluminium roller shutter reinforcement and is motor-driven as standard.
When operated via radio remote control, the electronically regulated motor is equipped with an anti-freeze device to protect the roller shutter in winter.
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